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Random Favourites

Blood of Ice- Prologue
Stillborn. Oh, how the babe's mother had wailed when she heard the pronouncement. Her newborn son, her fourth child, lay in her trembling, weary arms. The boy was cold and pale, and neither drew breath nor had blood running through his veins. He had never known life, or tasted the air or his mother's milk. Born still. Stillborn.
The mother sat for what seemed like hours, cradling her lost child in her arms and sobbing hysterically. Her banshee's cry only grew when it came time for the usual ritual for stillborn babes: the village priest would take the body and burn it as an offering to the gods. It took all of the burly blacksmith's strength to wrench the dead baby from his wife's arms, and an equal amount to hold her back as the priest carried the body towards the roaring fireplace. A that moment, a new sound started, barely audible under the sobs of the woman, the scolding of her husband, and the priest's incantations. It was not until the priest was lower
:iconsirannon:sirannon 2 4
Baby quetzal bird by silverstar-falcon Baby quetzal bird :iconsilverstar-falcon:silverstar-falcon 2 32
Held Fast in the Mortal Hour
Cast adrift-
Endlessly traveling-
Cut loose from time-
Ever here, ever gone-
It is known simply as the Hour. It will come to you like a blow to your chest, like hot fire coursing down your throat, like a banana under your foot. It comes, and the moments slow, maybe stop. Nothing is as it was. Everything can be made anew.
The Hour comes, and you have your chance. Is there a deep regret, coloring your past dark as a thundercloud? You can change it. Is there a loved one you wish to save? You can save them. Is your life such a miserable failure you'd prefer to end it before it began? You can wither it before it buds. When the Hour comes.
Someday the Hour may come to the great Hand, and that Hand may prefer to unmake whatever it has made, and there will be nothing left but the Hour, eternally changeable, stretching from nothing to nothing and back upon itself.
Until then the Hour travels, here to then to otherwhen. Filling a page slowly black with dots in its mad hurtle to encompass all tha
:iconcorsac:corsac 2 5
P a i n t e d S o u l
As darkness settles in for the night
I look at the stained canvas before me
With my weary, jaded eyes
No longer wondering
If it ever resembled white
An azure hue
Once vibrant
Now forgotten
Takes it's place in the background
As a burgundy glaze
Still fresh
Drips effortlessly
Onto the already saturated floor
With realization sinking in
I fall asleep with a disfigured brush
Still gripped in my aching hand
There's no use in letting go
Tomorrow will just force me
To bleed more colors
Onto my already painted soul
:iconalwayzdazd:alwayzdazd 5 17
The Legend of Vang, Ch. 1
I'm running... It feels like I've been running for hours, but I'm not sure. All I know is that I have to warn my friends... I have to warn them that he is coming, and we can't stop him...
My sword is still clenched tightly in my left hand, still bathed in the blood of that insane individual, still bathed in blood that is also my own...
'Why did I ever do it?' I think to myself... 'Why?' It doesn't make sense... If only I could remember...
I quickly awake, dripping with sweat. I've been having the same nightmare since I awoke 3 days ago in this room, not knowing where I was, or who I was for that matter. When I left the room those few days ago, I found a woman sitting in a living room, who said, "Good morning Robert." 'Robert?' I thought to myself. 'Is that my name?' I then walked into the bathroom nearby and looked in the mirror. I have brownish hair, a rather thinish frame, and eyes that seem to change color every so often... I also appear to be about 16... Since then, I have been liv
:iconlost-tortured-soul:lost-tortured-soul 1 31
Preview Unavailable
Escape :iconforever:forever 1 6
As The Winter Passes
Snow has covered the landscape
bleached my world of hue and shade
wrapped everything in a warm, heavy bundle of white
too bright to gaze at for these eyes
I wait for the rain
for the blessed tears of the now clear sky
to wash away every trace of winter
I dream of the bare earth
of the strong scent of fertile soil
waiting for all the seeds to be sown
and fragile new life to fight for its continuation
I am tired of the dreamscapes that haunt this land
of the chrystalline colourlessness of ice
:icontumnaloth:Tumnaloth 1 3
The Blood On My Hands
The blood on my hands
Where did it come from?
From torment, and torture,
And even then some?
Did it come from the hate
That lays in my mind?
Or perhaps from the thoughts
Of sorrow for mankind?
Maybe from love
I have lost or forgotten,
Or possibly from the sight
Of the ill and downtrodden?
Why this blood's on my hands
I may never know,
But it will always haunt me
Wherever I go...
:iconlost-tortured-soul:lost-tortured-soul 3 43
A strange sort of life
Flee the dust that settles and becomes past.
Into the clutching leafless forest of the future.
How do I not dispair when all I see is today?
I will greet the ghost of tomarrow,
When I stand before it at the dieing of the day.
I will still cry when it has taken my eyes.
My tears will be the dust that settles.
On the world that was never a day away.
:iconwyreth:wyreth 3 7
Mature content
Waiting for the Bus :iconnekrosys:nekrosys 5 15
An Empty House
She had wanted to go before they cleaned it up. The image in her mind was
filled with television crime scenes: of a spattering of blood, a neat little
hole in the wall, and some kind of explanation written in chalk and numbered labels. However, there were no suspects here, though suicide is nothing less than a crime. It didn't matter how or when. There was just one question that was certain to be left unanswered: Why?
She hadn't known where he had lived, had never thought to go there before it didn't matter anymore. She had traced her finger down the pages of the
phonebook, almost believing the entry must have disapeared as well, but there it was:a name for a man that didn't exist at an address where no one would answer the door and a number that would never reach a hello anymore.
The house was on the outskirts of nowhere at all, falling down beside a dirty road. She had vaguely wondered how hard it would be to sell a place a man had died in, a house which might have killed him just as
:iconcollusion:collusion 1 11
A beautiful and elegant creature it is. It has the look of a weak bird on the outside, but purely an invincible spirit on the inside. Its natural gifts gave its master a look into hallucinations of the mind. Dreams they're called. That's right. This spirit could unlock the door to any brain's wealth, leaving the gold all for the taking. Dove's master sipped of all of the dreams. Leaving no spillage and learning all of the occupants' most deadly secrets.
Dove's had many masters. The latest one, I'm not for sure what the child's name is, is by far the most selfish. The idea of her knowing all of her enemies' weaknesses gives her a thrill. Undoubtedly, this would give any sane person one, but she… She takes it to the up-most level, playing a deadly game, where unfortunately, she will be the loser at the end. This I know for certain.
All the while, poor Dove must do what its master asks of it at all times.
I know what you must be thinking. You are probably wondering why Dove just doe
:iconjades-n-rubies:jades-n-rubies 1 1
Origins of Fayith
The rain fell at its own slow pace, a drizzle of drops just large enough to produce the unmistakable symphony of pattering as they broke upon the stone, tearing themselves apart in a parade of moisture that would have given life, if there had been any life upon the ground for them to touch. But there was none, not a blade of grass existed in this place, paved over with stone and mortar, a place devoid of organic growth. But it was not empty; for the alley, one of thousands, held a pair of beings; life of an order too high to truly benefit from the rain in and of itself. But even if it did nothing practical, the rain was soothing. It was the weight of it, the impacts that, one after another, proved that they were indeed alive, that they could feel. This feeling was important, and it was a welcome addition to the warmth of the embrace they shared, like the garnish on an already exquisite dish.
She looked up into his eyes, blinking once or twice through the hazy droplets falling from the
:iconkaiserwarrior:KaiserWarrior 2 5
Long Distance Love
You remain faceless,
Just a voice,
Yet somehow,
I love you like no other...
You make me laugh,
You make me smile,
There was once a void in my heart,
You have now filled it...
What started out as friendship,
Developed into something more,
It was like is was destiny,
Like it we were meant to be...
Our bond grew,
Our friendship deepened,
Yet I was too afraide,
To tell you how I felt...
There will always be,
A special place in my heart,
Just for you,
That will never change.
What fate has planned,
For you and I,
I do not know,
Nor do I care...
I love you,
With all my heart,
First as a friend,
Then as something more...
This will be difficult,
The distance is great,
Yet I believe in you,
I believe in us...:heart:
:iconsatanic-concubine:Satanic-Concubine 8 14
caged- set me free by silverstar-falcon caged- set me free :iconsilverstar-falcon:silverstar-falcon 2 21



Papua New Guinea
Current Residence: alotau - milne bay province - PNG
Favourite genre of music: anything thats meaningful. leaning towards soundtracks.
Important points: reads too much, lives in a dreamworld.
Personal Quote: meh.
  • Listening to: AVPSY sountrack
  • Reading: fate of the jedi
  • Watching: Hercules
Figures i may as well put something a little bit more recent up - though i have nothing really to add to the sum of my artistic experience.
Though, i have moved to another country, there should be scope for art in that - might have to get on that....


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